Sales Advisor

Sales Advisor gets more reps to their number by highlighting at-risk deals and delivering specific reasons for each opportunity on which actions will improve the likelihood to close.

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Win Score

Sales Advisor taps our predictive sales platform to determine which deals will close, which won’t and which could go either way. Each opportunity gets a unique Win Score that can be used for sales pipeline management and to focus teams on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

Commit Score

Not all opportunities are created equal. Sales Advisor helps reps prioritize their time by giving each opportunity a "commit score" that identifies which are most likely to close in the current quarter.

Key Indicators

Sales Advisor analyzes thousands of closed opportunities to isolate the factors that fueled wins and those that derailed deals. It then correlates these factors with open opportunities to expose the top impediments to deal closure as well as the actions reps can take to get deals done. These Key Indicators guide reps and help them close more.

Predictive Insights

Scores without insight or explanation only give you part of the picture. Sales Advisor provides feedback on what data matter most to your sales organization and helps you refine your sales operations.

Self-learning System

Your data changes every second, and Sales Advisor tests new algorithms constantly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your data.